Summertime Cruise

An old gal and her man left the town
For the country where cornfields abound
The stalks grew as high as an alpaca’s eye
But the alpacas weren’t around

The horses were plentiful, though,
They really put on quite a show
With their colorful hides and long tails besides
Flicking at flies as they go

The cattle all stood in the shade
Not wanting their colors to fade
When one gave a moo, the rest did it too
Like a fine bovine choral brigade

The emu hid out in the back
With his wing feathers all hanging slack
Not liking the heat, he made his retreat
And headed straight home to his shack

But the wallabies had a fine time
Nipping green grass in its prime
In their tree-covered lot they weren’t too hot
And so they inspired this rhyme

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