Fair Trade

Outdoor time is here, the season for craft fairs, farmers’ markets, and similar events. Yesterday I jumped into it with both feet, a folding chair and table, two easel stands, three rolling suitcases, and a collapsible wagon.

My sweet husband helped me set up a booth at the Ohio Author’s Book Fair. The day was as fair as could be, dry, sunny, and not too breezy. We began inside the Destination Outlets Mall in Jeffersonville but soon moved out to the courtyard to make ourselves more visible.

My personalities must be as different as my pen names. Both J Levesque, the writer of poetry and memoirs, and Jora Dublinn, the sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal adventure author, enjoy writing in isolation, like most introverts. However, my publisher self, Windwritten Press, loves getting out and meeting people.

Back in the day when I made metal jewelry and blue-jean clothing beloved by hippies, I did lots of craft shows. Needless to say, it’s been a while. I’d forgotten how much fun that is. Fellow authors, readers, and would-be writers are all welcome to stop and have a chat.

If you see me out there, come on by and say hello.

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